Turn Your Garden Room into a Spa Experience

Turn your garden room into a spa experienceHow to turn your Garden Room into a Luxury Home Spa Experience


After a long hard day, wouldn’t it be lovely to relax and unwind in the luxurious surroundings of a spa? The problem is that having battled through the day and your commute you really don’t feel like leaving home again.

Just imagine if you had all the comfort and luxury in your own garden! You could just change walk down to your own luxury garden room and relax and let the stress of your day melt away.

The objective of the spa room is to relive tension, allowing your mind, body and soul to relax


Following are some tips on how to create your own home spa in one of our luxury garden cabins:


The temperature of the home spa room is very important. You don’t want to be cold or feel chilly,  however you don’t want the room to be so hot that it is like a sauna. Ideally it is best if the room could be controlled by a thermostat, however if this is not possible you can use portable heaters.


lighting & candles for a home spaWith the clever use of lighting you can create the ideal ambiance for your spa room.

If possible try to have the lighting on a dimer switch or use a mixture soft light bulbs, downlights and candles to create a  stress-free relaxing atmosphere to unwind from the cares of the day. Some people find that colour changing halogen lights can create an effective felling of ambiance in which to relax.


Use of Cool Neutral Colours

The use of colours can affect our moods and stress levels.

Paint your spa room in cool neutral colours for a deeply relaxing feeling.  Choose floor tiles which are easy to clean and beautiful to look at as you drift off. A deep blue colour will lull you into a sense of security whilst also being resistant to wet towels, melted wax and spilt face masks.paint your home spa in neutral paints for relaxation

Massage Table

massage table for your home spaIf you’re adding a massage table be sure to make sure there is enough room to move around

A room that is 9 feet (2.7 m) by 9 feet (2.7 m by 2.7 m) or larger would be best.


  • Buy a sturdy massage table at about hip-level, unless your massage therapist plans to bring a table each time.
  • Place a small table to hold oils, candles and other tools within reaching distance from the table.
  • Hang hooks for clothes and/or purses and place a mirror nearby so a client can fix their hair or makeup before leaving the room.
  • Add accents that make you more comfortable in the room. You can choose art or teachings from a favorite type of massage, pillows, fountains, candles and a music player.

Place clean sheets, pillows and bolsters on the table to help support the body during a massage. Consider installing a cabinet with other clean sheets nearby so that they are easy to access.

Lounge Chairs

Choose an ergonomic design that will be beneficial to your posture and spine. Use small side tables to accent each lounge chair to create an intimate seating arrangement where you and your spouse/friends can lie back and relax in comfort.

Choose stylish storage for your home spaStylish Storage for a minamalistic look & feel

Next you need a place where you can display your white rolled towels, eyes masks, massage oils, robes, etc. Think about keeping the shelving open planned to continue the open sense of a spa room. Keep the area maintained with lots of luxury spa items and it will become an attractive feature of your room.


Lastly, heat the hot tub, light the candles & essence sticks & enjoy!make your garden room into a relaxing home spa