The importance of a solid base for your garden roomThe importance of the base for your garden room or office

What surface do I need to install my garden room?

It is extremely important that your garden room or office is installed on a flat level base. You can use a concrete base or paving/block paving base, please note: neither can be laid on soft ground and will require the installation of a sub base.

What is a sub-Base?

A sub-base is made from an MOT type 1 hard core (consisting of crushed or broken bricks, blocks and stone) compacted with a vibrating plate compactor and then topped with a layer of sharp sand or ballast to fill any gaps.

For a paved base:
This requires 5centimetres (cm) of compact hard core underneath the paving slabs.

For a concrete base:
This requires 7.5cm of compact hard core underneath 7.5cm of concrete.
Whether you decide to have a concrete base or paved base, we would highly recommend getting an expert to install your base as even our small garden building are very heavy and if the base isn’t installed correctly, i.e. on uneven paving or soft ground overtime the building will settle into the foundation, leading to a deterioration of a building that would have a lifetime of 30+ years.  Some of the problems that we have seen occur with an even base are:
• Undue stress put on pats of the structure, leading to cracking or breaking

• Cracks appear which can allow rainwater to find its way into the building and cause damage

• Doors and window frames drop out of alignment, causing a problem with opening and closing them.

A correctly installed concrete or paving base will provide a consistent, even, solid surface which will keep even the heaviest and largest garden building stable and correctly aligned.

Where to Position the base

When you decide where you want your garden room or office to be positioned (and where the base should go), you should keep the following in mind:
• Consider accessibility to the garden building, how far will you need to go if you are carrying heavy objects? How far away from the electrical source will the office or garden room be?
• Consider what view you would like when you’re using your garden room or office,. What is the path of the sun across your garden so you get the best available sunshine when you use it.
• Don’t position the base too close to existing fences or buildings as you may occasionally require access for cleaning, or you might want to paint your garden room at a later date. With this in mind we would recommend a minimum gap of 30 cm on all sides of the building.
• Clear away any debris that is in the way of installing the new concrete base including any concrete if you’ve had an old base removed. The ground should be as level as possible before the new base is installed.
• Make sure that any overhanging trees or bushes are cut away and that you regularly maintain them to prevent damage from branches scratching the building or potentially any falling branches in Winter storms.

Concrete base for a garden roomInstalling a concrete base

It is very important that the finished base provides adequate support for your garden building. Local ground conditions can affect the finished base and we would strongly recommend getting a professional to install the base.
We can offer our customers a base construction service and would be pleased to provide you for a quotation to install a concrete or paving base. Please use the estimate form below and we will email you a price for the installation of the base. After the quotation has been accepted our site manager will visit to ensure that the area is suitable for the base and to arrange a starting date for the installation. We will then visit a week before your garden building is due to be delivered to ensure that the base has set and everything is as it should be.
The concrete bases we install are usually around 100mm in thickness and will be situated on a sub-base of MOT type 1. We try to ensure that the base sits 50mm about ground for extra elevation so it is away from any soil that could rot the timber.
If you already have a concrete base or are getting a local builder to install one for you, we would recommend that the base is made using the metric size of the building that is going on top of it, this will allow rainwater to run straight off of the garden building’s roof and into the surround garden area, which will minimize water pooling around the lower boards of the building.
Please ensure that the base is within 6mm of level before your garden room or office is delivered.
If you would like further information or have any questions, please email us at or phone us on 01425 837803 and our friendly team will be pleased to advise you.

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