Imagine having a luxury garden office with the convenience of working from home!

Our luxury garden offices provide the perfect way to create a dedicated working space at home away from the main house allowing you to work in peace and quiet. There is plenty of space for desks, filing cabinets and you could have a dedicated phone line put in for business use.  Outward opening triple glazed UPVC windows and doors give our garden offices an additional feeling of spaciousness.

With the high costs of traveling and increasing business rates many more people are looking to work from home. With technology it is increasingly common for modern companies to allow their employees to work from home for at least some of the time.
However, where to work from? Turning the old spare bedroom into an office space is an option, but this can cause distractions for the person working at home and family members may not always respect their space or may expect them to do household chores because they feel they’re not ‘really ’working that day! It can also be difficult when you have guests and the home worker can then find themselves working in cramped conditions at the kitchen table.

Our garden offices are available in a range of sizes which will fit virtually every garden. Whether you work full time from home, the odd few days a week or are just looking for a room to study or undertake a hobby, one of our garden offices will look lovely in your garden whilst giving you some much needed private space to work or study. Unlike extensions or attic conversions, in most cases planning permission is not required, saving both time and money. View our quick planning guide for information on planning regulations.
The garden offices are made from sustainable Swedish Nordic spruce, are insulated and triple glazed to ensure minimal heat loss and feature a multi-locking system with unique keys for additional security. The full specifications for each of our garden offices can be downloaded from our shop to read at your convenience or please book a free site survey to discuss your individual requirements in more detail. View our  full range of garden offices

Please request our home office brochure or book a site survey with our experienced team members to discuss your individual requirements in detail. The offices are delivered flat-packed with all necessary fittings within 21 working days. Please view our delivery information for further details.
  Please contact us if you require a base installing for your garden office before delivery or if you require a list of local installers.