Features of our Windows & Doors

Easy Adjustable Hinges
Our garden rooms have adjustable hinges on the windowsOur hinges make adjusting the alignment of windows and doors an easy task. Instead of having to detach the sash from the building, we have designed them so that the adjustment can be done simply by using an Allen Key. This would save hours of work and prevent the problems caused by not getting a perfect realignment.




Multi-Point Locking System
multi locking windows and doors on our garden roomsOur multipoint locking system is the ideal solution for a log cabin, providing security through five locking points on the door and three for each window. This means the doors and windows on Garden Studio garden rooms are virtually impossible to break into.
In addition, the locking points create a tight seal between the door and window and its frame, making the building resistant to drafts and helping to prevent any warping due to temperature change.



Durable UPVC
gasket sealTo make sure that the space between our windows and their frames is both air and water tight, we use gasket seals which adjust to securely close any gap. Our gasket seals are made from highly durable UPVC rather than rubber which can dry out and degrade.




Gold Finished Recessed Latches
recessed window & door latchesSometimes it’s the tiny attentions to detail which can make one log cabin stand out from another. Take our gold finished recessed latches, for example; set flush with the timber, they give our frames sleek, clean lines that are pleasing to the eye.





Option of Georgian Windows
Option of Georgian barsWhen we supply our windows, we provide, as standard, the bars needed to turn a modern window into a Georgian window. This leaves our customers with the option, at the time of installation, to fit them or leave the windows with a contemporary look.





Pre-built Doors & Window Frames
pre-built window and door framesWhilst we flat pack the vast majority of the garden rooms, there are some elements of the installation that we do not want our final customers to make mistakes with – in particular, making sure that the door and window frames are accurately in line. For this reason, they are pre-built to guarantee a perfect fit.




Double Glazing
Our garden rooms have double glazingDouble glazing is an essential feature for garden rooms if they are to be used all year round – which is why we fit them as standard. Our double glazed windows are sealed with silicone, which is much more resistant to sun damage than other sealants, giving your units a significantly improved protection against moisture penetration. Double glazing will keep the garden room warmer in the colder months, improving comfort and reducing heating costs.



Unique Key for Security
unique key for additional securityA garden room is part of the home and many people keep valuable things inside, so making sure our cabins are secure is important to us. This is why every individual garden room has a multipoint locking system with its own unique key, of which we supply three copies. No-one else will have a key that will open the lock, making it extra secure and cheaper to insure




Outwardly Opening Doors & Windows
Our garden rooms & offices feature outward opening doors & windowsGarden Rooms should have lots of natural light and a feel of spaciousness. As inwardly opening windows take up internal space and make the cabin feel smaller, we’ve designed our windows to open outwards.
Outward opening windows less likely to let in wind or rain; are more secure; and they won’t get in the way of any curtains or blinds.



Engineered Timber
Engineered timberEngineered timber is the latest technology for creating structurally superior windows and doors. Our sashes are composed of several layers of laminated wood which are free of knots and other weak points that can be found in solid timber. For this reason, you’ll find our windows and doors exceptionally strong, rigid and durable.




Matching Metal Accessories
our garden rooms have matchng metal featuresOur fitted door and window handles also come with an attractive gold finish, as standard, so that all metal accessories match throughout the garden room.




No Raised Entrance – Easy Access for Wheelchairs & Prams
Our low threshold means there’s no raised entrance to step over on the way in and out, making access safer and easier, especially for wheelchairs and prams. The threshold is made from aluminum which protects the wood underneath from damage and getting marked.